Is Poetry and Hip-Hop really one in the same?
Have emcees forgotten their roots?
Is poetry a lost art to today’s musicians?


Internationally award winning Poet and Author Queen Sheba, as seen on 106 & Park, Verses & Flow and co-founder of the Rough Language Poetry Slam & Live Music series leads #TeamPoetry against #TeamHipHop and it's roving guest captains, in each city!  

Add in Dj Knodat to make the perfect duo, combined and they have over 20 hit songs, 14 albums, two books and more (passport) stamps than a kid’s coloring book. People are looking for this energy, this resume and merger of great lyrics and motivating music. The Poetry Vs. Hip-Hop 2.5 hour show satisfies the group that wants to find something fresh to do while enjoying a glass of wine and appetizers and appeals to the crowd that is looking for the turn-up energy of a full-on concert.


 between a “Starting 5” line-up of Poets & Emcees who are required to hug it out on stage before each round. After the competition crowns a victorious team, the remaining poets & hip-hop artists are able to see if their skills can tilt the scales back in their favor!

Dj Knodat spins when doors open and adds her element between each artist - she is a vital part of the energy of the night. (Or day! This also makes a great day event and perfect for college campuses!)  ]

Although our records reflect surpassing this mark, our modest goal is always 150+ audience members not including production, staff, volunteers, possible featured artist(s) and venue operations.