First Blog - The un-Lady Like Tour Dayton, Ohio

 Today I’m just testing out my Blog… I think the last blog I had was on ReverbNation… So I’m excited to have a place to talk out loud again.  

  i’ve made it to Dayton Ohio safely. I was going to type this but now I am dictating on my phone… I sprained my left pinky boxing so typing is really more difficult than I want it to be right now. Which sucks because I had a lot of work to do. 

Earlier this year I toyed with the idea of having Jessica, Georgia Me and I on a 10 city tour in the fall… Along time ago Mo Browne and I thought about calling a tour the “unladylike tour”… So that is not the name of the tour; I just named the blog this.

 The three of us are completely different power houses. I’m looking forward to the dynamic of tomorrow’s show. I guess you could call this the kick off or the Proto type to see how it will go. We will be at the loft theater downtown Dayton Ohio 200  seats should make this night feel intimate and electric just like Poetry should. 

 The curator of the show, sierra Leon, and I have never met;  until tonight. Although I have wanted to do the series for some years now.

I found a social, group run, about 9 miles from my hotel and after some aggressive negotiation the hotel agreed to have the shuttle drop me off. There was a mixup with my credit card earlier and they overcharged me for some shit  -  so after being a little reluctant to go outside of their 5 mile guest driving perimeter, I was dropped off at bar Louie in a shopping area call the green and waited for complete strangers to show up and run 3 to 5 miles together,  in the freezing cold dark dangerous conditions, and eat and drink beer after. 

 Sierra LeOnne  showed up about nine something and we finished our food and drink in a separate booth and  laughed  and kicked it and cursed and drink beer and talked about moonshine and health and fitness, of course, and about the show tomorrow and about how rumors are stupid after 30 years old.  

 This is just a test blog so I won’t ramble on too much: but I’m back at my hotel room warm, and naked, the way I like to be - with my Afro in full bloom, take that how you want to -  about to do some light work with nine fingers on my keyboard and binge watch The Sinner and Riverdale.  

 If you know anyone in Dayton Ohio, and it seems like I only know two people: Brave Nate and now Ciara Lionne, tell them to come out to the show tomorrow; with only 200 seats and three of the dopest women in the spoken word game - the tickets are somehow, not sold out.  👀